Monday, December 8, 2008

Mary made a wonderful dish of roasted pork ribs and sauerkraut,served with string beans, corn and brown rice. The ribs were both large and small and seasoned with a simple salt and pepper. I opened a bottle of Da Vinci Chianti 2006 to go with the meal. I had purchased the wine recently from Villa Liquors in Garden City South on the recommendation of Tony the wine consultant at the store.

The Da Vinci Chianti comes from a town made famous by Leonardo da Vinci. The region is undergoing a certain renaissance in wine making. The Cantine Leonardo da Vinci, is an innovative Chianti that seems suitable to modern tastes. With cutting-edge technology Chiantis are being produced that are softer and more fruit forward.

The nose was very mild with a slight spiciness and some muted plum and maybe berries. The color was deep and strong. The Da Vinci is a medium Chianti with a simplicity that is pleasing. I found that it was able to offer a great balance, not to thick and not to watery. The spiciness saved it from being bland. I enjoyed the Da Vinci with the pork immensely, great complementarity. It's a good wine to drink, very smooth, a mild finish. I would like more complexity and a stronger finish but it's a very suitable wine and costs only about $15.00. I recommend it.

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