Thursday, February 19, 2009

Claremont Vineyards: A Little Bit of Portugal in New York State

A few years ago my wife received a letter from an old friend, Louise Trigo. Louise and Mary stay in touch during holidays. Mary and Louise had known each other when they both participated in the shows sponsored by the Brooklyn Portuguese Club. To our surprise, Louise mentioned that she and her husband Tony had purchased some land upstate with the desire to start a vineyard. We thought, well, God bless them. With our interest in wine we hoped they would do well. Louise recently wrote and said they were harvesting and bottling. Ah, but the best was yet to come. Yesterday, we received an email linking us to Carlo Di Vito's wine blog: Hudson River Valley Wineries. Lo and behold it contained a very flattering and extensive post on the Trigo's winery in Claremont, New York. Kudos!

According to Carlo Di Vito, Tony Trigo is a very enthusiastic wine maker. His vineyard has produced excellent Seyval Blanc and Sangiovese. You can see Tony and Louise harvesting last fall on YouTube.

We wish the Trigos all the luck in the world with their fantastic adventure. I wonder if they have free delivery?


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