Friday, July 9, 2010

Leitz Rheingau Riesling 2009: A Superb Wine for Summer

The 2009 vintage of Josef Leitz' Eins Zwei Dry Riesling is superb.  Hailing from the Rheingau region in Germany with south facing slopes and high, cool altitudes, this vintage contains a marvelous acidity that is refreshing, lively but not overwhelming. There is no sweetness here.  Acidity is its most prominent feature.  It is highly aromatic, crisp and laced with lemon, peach and apple. The finish is long and very pleasing.  I found this Riesling very alive.  There's a great deal of activity going on.  Each taste awakened me to a new level of appreciation.  Never shocking, the Eins Zwei Dry is a spectacular success. Each sip is new and exciting.  My palate never tired of the experience.  If you appreciate dry Riesling this will not disappoint.

By the way, the Leitz 2009 is a QbA.  This is a EU designation indicating that the wine is of quality and comes from a designated region.

Another positive about the Riesling is its price.  At Young's Fine Wines in Manhasset it sells for $14.95.  Considering the high quality of this wine the price is right.  It is affordable for everyday use.  I unreservedly recommend it.  Stock up and enjoy.  

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