Monday, September 6, 2010

Luscious Reds, Crisp, Cool Whites

You may have noticed that Wine Tasters has a new look.  I hope it's warm and inviting.  We have a lot planned for you this season.  Wine Tasters will be bringing you some great wine and food reviews and news of wine events, as well.  If you have info to share send it to me at  Now down to business.

Labor Day was a great affair.  A dozen of us gathered at the Floral Park house to celebrate, laugh and feast.  When all the guests arrived I initiated an impromptu wine tasting.  All those interested gathered in the dinning room and tasted four very good wines.  I thought it would be of interest to compare various grape varietals.  We started with the whites: 

Michel Redde
Les Tuilieres Sancerre, 2008 -  This was the first wine tasted.  It comes from the Loire Valley and Michel Redde's La Moynerie Estate that yields some excellent Pouilly Fume wines.  This Sancerre is not from the town of the same name and so was interesting.  This was a fine wine, highly aromatic with a green apple aroma and taste.  Lime and lemon notes punctuated the first taste with apple brewing in the background.  It stayed mostly upfront without a long finish.  I picked up some straw notes, as well.   Nice, clean and crisp.  One taster was reminded of a high quality champagne without the sparkle.  

Wolffer Estates Chardonnay 2007 - This lightly oaked Chardonnay from the Long Island Wolffer Estate was a bit of a disappointment.  Mary and I had tasted this a few weeks ago at the estate.  It did not show as well today.  Possibly because of the Sancerre.  It was only lightly aromatic and seemed somewhat muted.  It had distinct pear notes on first taste.  A sense of honey filtered through.  The finish was moderate with a hint of bitterness. It showed better with food later in the day.  

Now the reds: 

Nelms Road Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 - This is an interesting wine. It is dominantly Cabernet but also is blended with Italian varieties.  I wasn't aware of this mix during the tasting.  Nicely aromatic, the wine tasted strongly of red berries, dark plumes, chocolate and coffee.  Pleasingly earthy.  It is medium to full bodied with some sweetness in the finish as well as some spice.  It is a modestly complex cab that is pleasant and enjoyable. 

Chateau Routas Cyrano Syrah 2005 - Only 500 cases of this 100% Syrah were produced in Provence from hand picked grapes.  It is aged for 15 months.  

I found this wine well balanced, elegant and smooth.  Luscious is the word.  It possessed an almost silky texture with dark fruits and flowers.  The finish was spicy with pepper dominant, possibly cinnamon.  The wine possessed a superb balance.  Aroma, texture, elegance and taste all worked in fluid unison.  

My only hesitation is the spiciness.  I'm not overly fond of the inherent spice of the Syrah grape.  But the wine itself was well done and deserving of praise.  

I hope you enjoy these fine wines. 

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