Thursday, March 3, 2011

Aglianico del Vulture: A Hidden Italian Treasure

Aglianico del Vulture is a wonderful wine.  It comes from Basilicata in Southern Italy and is made solely from the Aglianico grape.  It is grown in the very rich volcanic soil  that surrounds Mount Vulture.  It was awarded its DOC classification in 1971.  Many consider it the Barolo of the South.

The basic Aglianico must be aged at least one year before being released.  Aged Aglianico requires three years with a minimum of two years in oak.  The Riserva requires five years!

The wine itself shows fabulous balance, deep cherry and chocolate notes and a refreshing spiciness to the finish.  When young the wines are high in tannins and acidity. As the wine ages it takes on more earthy tones with deep, dark fruit.  Aglianico can become very full-bodied.

I find the wine very approachable.  Its cherry/chocolate notes are fabulously balanced.  The spice hits just as the  the other notes are fading leading to a long and enjoyable experience.  I find the wine very expressive and memorable.  It goes well with food, as well.  Mary made a fine Pasta Fagioli the other night which we served with the Aglianico.  The pairing was perfect.  Southern Italian wine with Southern Italian food, nothing can be better!

You can read more about Aglianico at Wine Review


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