Saturday, September 8, 2012

Statti Arvino 2008 - A Classic Calabrian Wine

The Statti 2008 Arvino out of Calabria is a superb with rich dark fruit, nice complexity on the nose, spices, a touch of chocolate and a hint of leather. The tannins are smooth with a bright acidity. Terrific flavor. The finish is polished and very enjoyable. This wine stands out with finesse, complexity and richness at 14% alcohol.  It is a blend of the local Gaglioppo grape (60%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (40%).  Statti has created an excellent product in this 2008 venture.  Statti also puts out a 100% pure Gaglioppo which I am ready to try.  Arvino is a great food wine with all that vibrant acidity and smooth but not too heavy texture.  You can pair this with meats, especially veal or just about any traditional southern Italian dish.

2008 Arvino

The Gaglioppo grape was previously thought to be of Greek origin.  But recent DNA profiling has determined that it is from Italy. It's probably closely related to Sangiovese and some other undetermined Italian grape. Gaglioppo is able to withstand drought conditions and generally produces a rich, full bodied wine. It's a hardy grape and rather durable.
Statti Winery, Calabria

Like so many southern Italian wines, the price is astoundingly low for the quality attained.  I picked up the 2008 Arvino on sale for about $12.00.  I can't imagine a better, more enjoyable wine for the price.  It's a gem.   I've embedded a Gaglioppo wine review from Plonk Wine Merchants.  Enjoy!!!

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