Saturday, December 24, 2016

An Italian Vermentino: A Perfect Match for Holiday Seafood

It's Christmas Eve and we are preparing to have seafood for dinner. Mary is preparing mussels in a white sauce, linguine and clams with an entree of salmon and filet. When we sit down to dinner, we want a pleasant but lively wine to accompany our Xmas Eve repast. 

Vermentino (originally a Spanish grape) is a perfect match for seafood. The grape is grown in the Ligura region of Italy as well as in Sardinia, Tuscany and other places. It is DOC since 1988.  Liguria is near Genoa and by the sea. Because of the geography, there aren't a lot of large producers. But the Vermentinos from this area are of excellent quality.  

The Vermentino I've chosen is the La Bettigna 2014 Colli di Luni Vermentino. It is biodynamically grown, made in stainless steel with indigenous yeast. It is not refined or filtered. 

What I like about this wine is how it combines a citrus acidity and a strong minerality. It even has a kind of briny sense reminiscent of the sea. The nose is herbal and pleasing. It is a serious wine with medium body and seems very versatile. We had it with chicken the other night and it paired perfectly. Mary and I both agreed that it would be a perfect summer wine to cool things off. We will have to give it a shot next summer.  

For now, we will see how it matches up with the Xmas Eve fish dinner. I'm thinking it will be just fine. 

You can pick up a bottle for a little over $20.00. 

Here is a look at the Liguria region of DOC wines: 


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