Friday, July 17, 2009

Henri Bourgeois Sancerre - La Porte de Caillou 2007

I opened this wine for dinner yesterday. I found it refreshing with a honey overlay that was very interesting. It masked the citrus punch that seemed to be sitting just under the surface. The citrus elements wanted to burst through but were delayed by the heavier texture of the honey. There was a light lemonish flavor readily apparent with a foundation of other less distinguishable fruits. I caught something of peach and melon lurking in the background. The texture was light and crisp. It gave the clear impression of a firm body. It is a wine that is confident in itself. In addition the bouquet was highly aromatic and pleasing.

After dinner I replaced the cork and refrigerated the wine that was left. Opening it up today for lunch, Mary and I both found it overpowered by grapefruit and acid. It was crisp and pungent. It was reminiscent of the more upfront citrus varieties of New Zealand. However, we both missed the more subtle and muted tones of the night before. This is a fine wine worth the price of $20.00 plus.

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