Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wine and Food Pairing

One of the greatest joys of drinking wine is pairing it with specific foods. The combination of food and wine enhances the taste of both. I find nothing more satisfying than researching which wine may go perfectly with a meal. I'm especially heartened by the success of getting it just right for Thanksgiving Dinner or a Memorial Day barbecue. Cheese is especially good for combining. It's no mistake that wine and cheese have become mainstays in our repasts.

The problem for most of us confronted with the task of combining food and wine is to decide exactly which wine may go with that special meal we are planning. Pairing food and wine seems to bring a high level of anxiety to those burdened with getting it right. The question I am asked most is "What do I serve with...?" A common response from experts is that there are no rules. Go with what you like. Well, this postmodern response has some truth to it. But it expresses the sentiment that all is chaos and that there are no rules to follow. This is far from the truth. There are clearly helpful guidelines that can be followed that make it easier to enjoy both wine and food.

I have found a helpful video that very quickly and precisely identifies the basics of wine and food pairing. The video comes from Everything Wine which is the largest wine store in British Columbia. I quote from their YouTube page explaining that Everything Wine "is BC's largest wine store with locations in North Vancouver and Langford. Everything Wine is an upscale, service-oriented wine warehouse that focuses on wine discovery in a stylish environment. With over 3,000 domestic and international wines, a Vintages premium room, wine lessons and a tasting bar open everyday from 2pm-6pm, this one-stop shop upholds its name Everything Wine."

I hope this video was helpful. Here are a few good web sites that address the issue of wine and food. Good luck and have fun.

Food and Wine Pairing Guide

If you have any questions about your wine and food pairing don't hesitate to ask. Keep in mind that this is not a competition. The object is to enjoy the pleasure of drinking wine and eating food.


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