Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pinot Noir: Monte Degli Angeli Monferrato, 2009

Not long a ago our good friend Alden brought us a bottle of Italian Pinot Noir.  I've only had one Italian Pinot Noir previouly and had little recollection of what that wine offered.  This recent choice was a Monte Degli Angeli (Mount of Angels) Monferrato, 2009 from the Piedmont region in Northwestern Italy.  Monferrato is relatively undiscovered in the US.  The estate is owned and manged by Antonio and Paolo Sperone.

I opened it at the first opportunity. My taste in Pinot usually settles in the Oregon and Washington State regions so I was a tad anxious about this Italian version.

An intriguing feature of the Monferrato is that it is not  pure Pinot Noir.  It is blended with a little Nebbiolo.  It's this blend that lends the wine its distinctive character.  Its nose is aromatic, full and with strong red berries.  The color is a beautiful ruby red.  Upon tasting, I noticed much more structure and a fuller body than the usual Pinot Noir.  The finish is long, elegant and silky, very pleasing. I would guess it is the Nebbiolo that gives it greater structure and depth.  The tannins were very modest and pleasing.  I had this wine with breaded and baked catfish with broccoli and cauliflower.  The next day I had it with, believe it or not, a bowl of Kale soup that Mary had prepared. The pairing was fine.  I'm sure you can have this wine with pasta dishes, pork, and roast chicken, as well.  The more robust nature of the wine gives it pairing possibilities with stronger red meats such as lamb. I may give that a try very soon.

The cost of this wine is unbelievably modest at around $10.00 a bottle.  It may not be the most splendid Pinot Noir every produced but it is very interesting, great to drink and a real buy at such a low cost.


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Unknown said...

It is good.

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