Friday, July 6, 2012

Excellent Blended Whites for Summer

On the hutch in the dinning room sit eight empty wine bottles. They are the result of a two month long binge with white wines from various parts of the world.  My wife has finally put down the gauntlet: the wine bottles must go. So, before they meet their fate I will do some quick reviews of the wines in a short series of posts.  I'm hoping I can keep up with our consumption of whites. It's now summer and most reds will be stored until the fall, at least for the most part.  New whites seem to come out of storage every other night or so.  So here goes.

The first wine is from Portugal, Espirito Lagoalva 2010. This is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc (25%), Alvarinho (20%), Verdelho (20%), Fernao Pires (20%) and Arinto (15%).  13% alcohol.  It's grown in the Lagoalva region which is known for its sandy soils and is about 100 km northeast of Lisbon.  Lagoalva uses modern wine making technology for both its indigenous and international varietals.  Blends seem also to be a distinguishing character of Lagoalva.  We found this blend to be quite good with lots of kiwi and melon flavors topped off with a fine, lively finish.  The acidity is fresh and pleasing.  It was splendid before dinner with some light cheeses.  I recommend this wine for summer drinking.  It's very enjoyable, very fresh, light and gives a sensuous mouthwatering feel.  It goes for about $12.00.  It's worth the cost.

The second wine is another blend from neighboring Spain, Rios Baixs, DoZoe 2010, produced by Adega Marea Alta. The blend consists of 52% Albarino, 21% Treixandura, 11% Caino Blanco, 8.5% Loureiro, 7.5% Godello.  13% alcohol.  It hails from Galicia in Northwestern Spain.  This is another great summer wine.  It has a bright, fresh tropical nose with some mouthwatering fruit flavors on the palate. It's dry and aromatic with a distinctive crispness and an attractive elegance.We had it with light fish.  The pairing was excellent.  I can see it going with skewers of shrimp and other sea food. I can't recall exactly what the price was. I think it was a tad more than the first wine.  It may have gone for$20.00. But I'm not sure. It's worth the price.  We fully enjoyed the tasting and admired its fragrance and natural pairing qualities. 

Our third wine for today is Donnafugata Anthilia 2010 from Sicilia, Italy.  This is also a blend or 51% Catarratto and Ansonica, Viognier and Chardonnay.  It's 12.24% alcohol.  This is a very distinctive Sicilian wine.  Much more to our taste than most Sicilian whites we have experienced. We fully enjoyed this one.  It comes across with peaches, flowers, perhaps grapefruit and pear all blended superbly.  I found it mouthwatering and with a firm body and excellent minerality.  This wine will reach its peak in a year or two.  Hold on to it, it will get even better.  The blend is well done.  I'm sure this would go with salads, seafood, cheese, etc.  It's a very enjoyable and high quality wine. Don't pass this up. You should be able to get it for $12.00 to $14.00.   

All three whites have a great QPR.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.  

Next time I will review a few more of our favorite whites.  

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