Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner - What Wine to Serve?

Cara Amici,

We are already into mid-October. Thanksgiving will be on us very soon. One of the wine questions I've always had was what wine to serve with Thanksgiving dinner. There seems to be many and sundry opinions on this matter. This is an important question for me because Thanksgiving is one of my most enjoyable holidays. Mary and I have a wonderful coterie of friends that we invite and with whom we really enjoy sharing the day. Getting the right wine is high priority. As a way of starting a discussion, I invite everyone to share their experiences and wisdom on this issue. Personally, my most successful choice has been a good, robust zin. Zins seem to go well with the spice and heaviness of a Thanksgiving dinner. I have also gone in a different direction and served a Gewurtztraminer, the zestiness of which works well. Some years I have gone the gamut from serving a Chenin Blanc or Vouvray to start, a zin at dinner and a sweetish German Riesling for dessert. Let me know how you have solved the riddle of wine and the Thanksgiving dinner.




miriam said...

Great question, Bob. I'm looking forward to seeing responses.

NYC Wine said...

We've found that many wines, red and white, go well with turkey, the traditional Thanksgiving meat. For this reason, if you're having turkey it's probably more important to focus on what will accompany it. If, for example, you contemplate serving a heavily seasoned stuffing or spicy side dish, I think a robust, spicy red wine like Zin works better than most dry white wines.