Sunday, October 5, 2008

Welcome Wine Tasters


Enjoying wine is one of the great loves of my life. Opening up a new bottle of wine from New Zealand, Argentina, France or Portugal is a real thrill. There are only a few things better than popping the cork (or twist cap), letting the wine open up, pouring that first glass, breathing in the aroma and making that first taste. I hope this blog can serve as a fun place to share ideas, experiences and opinions on wines from around the world. Wine tasting is fun and so should this blog. Let us know what you think about your favorite wines.



Anonymous said...

Hi Wine Tasters! It is good to have a team of trustworthy wine tasters. I can view this site before I buy wine. I will be coming back often.

Angela said...

Hello Wine Tasters,

I am an inexperienced wine drinker. I think a blog like this will really help me in becoming more knowledgeable when looking for wines. Thanks for creating a site like this!

NYC Wine said...

Thanks, Dave. I'm glad you will be joining us. There's a lot of wine out there to be enjoyed. Send us your experiences and questions. We will be glad to respond.


NYC Wine said...


Thanks for posting. I hope the blog helps you out as much as you hope. Anytime you have a question about wine, just let us know.