Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thanksgiving Wine and Food Pairing


Mary and I just got back from Young's Wine Store in Manhasset, Long Island. They were offering suggestions for wines paired with Turkey and other Thanksgiving delights. We purchased a semi-dry Vouvray 2005 Domaine Bourillon-Dorleans to start off the festivities. For dinner we will go with a few choices of both red and white. For the dark meat crowd there are some great choices. The first is a 2006 Oregon Benton Lane Pinot Noir. This has been one of my favorites over the years. It is medium bodied and compliments the meal perfectly. For those wanting a more robust experience I have both a Zin and a Malbec. The Argentinian Pulenta Malbec 2006 is full bodied with a pleasing sense of spice. I can't wait. There's also a Sin Zin 2004. Zins work perfectly with the wide variety of tastes at a Thanksgiving meal. The berry and plum flavors seem to enhance and augment turkey and stuffing. For the white meat crowd I have a dry Alsace Willm Gewurztraminer and California Frei Brothers medium bodied Chardonnay 2006 which has peach. pear and citrus aromas and overtones. Both are refreshing and hold up well against the many aromas, textures and tastes of the meal. Mary and I intend to end dinner with a Pindar Duck Walk Vineyards 2006 Blueberry Port served with chocolate.

I'm looking forward to a delightful Thanksgiving with Mary's fantastic meal and a grand choice of delicious and perfectly paired wines. Let me know your thoughts on Thanksgiving wine pairing.


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