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Edi and The Wolf - Austrian Brunch Menu

Edi and the Wolf Exterior
On a recent Saturday morning, my wife and I had some errands to run in the East Village. Having never been in that area, we wanted to go to a nice brunch spot. We were both in the mood for steak but also wanted breakfast food. We decided to go to a restaurant called Edi and the Wolf. This is a Austrian restaurant serving lunch and dinner during the week and brunch/lunch/dinner over the weekends. The photo to the left is the front of the restaurant. It has a very charming rustic look. The plants give the feel of going into an oasis in the middle of the New York City.
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Edi and the Wolf Interior

The photo to the left was taken from the bar which is located in the rear. In reviews that I have read about this place, the wood paneling on the floors, walls and ceiling are from an old Wisconsin barn. The seating against the wall has rocking chair like cushions and are very comfy. The place is cool even though the temperature was 100 degrees outside and they had opened up the garage door in the front. The lighting was low, the tables and chairs made of wood.  Awesome blues music playing in the background created a very relaxing atmosphere and certainly made me calmer after walking in 100 degree heat!  Oddly, for an Austrian restaurant I did not get an Austrian feel. It felt more like Louisiana! But honestly, I'm not that familiar with Austria or Austrian restaurants.  

Let's take a look at their brunch menu:
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The prices are a little high considering we went for brunch.  We were pretty much set on steak and eggs as soon as we saw the menu. The steak and eggs come with potato pancakes, a sunny side up egg, greens (arugula), croutons and creme fraiche. Different types of bread were served. There was a mini croissant, whole wheat, thick white bread toast and regular Italian bread. The waitress said the butter was homemade. It was sweet, very smooth in texture and not very salty. It was a good change compared to supermarket butter. There was also homemade peach preserves on the table that was very sweet and good. The cold water was served without ice. Having no ice is good except it was so hot outside that some ice would've been nice. 

My wife ordered a mimosa. The mimosa was strong with just a little orange juice. Nothing like a stiff mimosa for brunch!


My wife had her steak medium rare which is what you see in the the photo above. I ordered mine medium well. The meat was cooked to our liking, tender and juicy. We received four thick strips of steak. The eggs were perfectly done and served with green onion shavings. The potato pancake resided underneath the steak. The potato was shredded, browned perfectly and absorbed all the juices from the plate. I actually enjoyed the potato the most. The flavor from the food made it into a super potato. I was dunking everything into the creme fraiche. It was cheesy and spicy. It complimented everything on the plate. The arugula had a Ceasar like dressing and was very good.

After we were finished eating, we didn't feel overly full. The portions were just right. We were able to sit and chat comfortably. The staff didn't  rush us out of the place at all. 

We're looking forward to eating at Edi and The Wolf once again!

Overall, I loved the decor and food! One drawback was having to walk about a mile to the closest subway. We will definitely go again. I highly recommend going to Edi and The Wolf!

Scale 1-10 (1 is gross and 10 is stupendous)

Location: 7
D├ęcor: 9
Food: 9.5
Service: 9
Price: 6

Overall: 8

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Dr. Robert M. Oliva said...

This seems like a very good restaurant. But I'm wondering about the Austrian part. I can see from the Brunch Menu that there are some Austrian sounding foods. Are you going to try them at some future date?