Friday, July 13, 2012

Excellent Summer Whites Part 2

I know you will be shaking your heads in disbelief, but it is true.  All three wines I am reviewing in this post were purchased at Stew Leonard's in Carle Place, Long Island.  I get it that Stew's is not the most high brow wine emporium.  I get that there are tons of awful wines filling the rows.  But it must be said:  there are some good wines in the mix and at excellent prices.  Here goes.

Chateau Magence Graves 2010

This is a very nice, if funky, Bordeaux white that is a great and inexpensive pop and pour.  The nose is a floral and citrus blend that is quite appealing.  The wine is crisp and refreshing with notes of lemon, lime apricot and pear.  It possesses a well balanced acidity and goes wonderfully when paired with cheese, especially a good French cheese.  White Bordeaux is a generally overlooked wine by the general public.  The Chateau Magence Graves 2010 is worth a nice long look on those hot summer days. Its acidity adds an uplifting character to its charm.  Great QPR.  If you are going to purchase a white wine that is inexpensive but offers good complexity and a sensual dimension, Magence Graves is it.  You can pick this wine up for about $11.00 at Stew Leonard's.

The Seeker Riesling 2009, Alsace France 

Another Stew Leonard's find is this Alsacian Riesling.  The Seeker is a company that sources grapes from around the globe and markets them under a centralized name.  I get it that this approach is not well received by many in the wine world.  But this wine is good.  The Seeker has a great series of labels, copies of old prints of airships from the past. The Riesling itself is very dry.  I mention this because Mary and I, especially Mary, are on a constant and relentless search of the perfect bone dry Riesling.  The Seeker Riesling is not the most dry we have every discovered but it's close.  It has peach, honeysuckle and nice minerality.  It is very refreshing and bright even mouthwatering. It's great with summer salads, shellfish and even heavier foods.  The Seeker Riesling can be purchased for $10.00.  A great guy!

The Golem Riesling 2010, Australia  

The Golem Riesling is put out by the Misfit Wine Co. in Australia. In Jewish folklore, a golem is an animated anthropomorphic being, created entirely from inanimate matter. In some legends it is evil while in others it is not. I've yet to discover the link between the Golem legend and the wine.  This particular wine seems to represent the changes Australian wine is undergoing. There are more bold and snappy brands emerging for every level of taste and pocket book.  Granted, Riesling is not a traditional Australian wine.  But with The Golem I found a crisp,dry and vibrant wine that is superbly refreshing. It has nice citrus notes with a light menthol finish. There's green apple and honeydew, as well.  The Golem can run between $15.00 and $20.00 or as low and $10.00.  

I hope you enjoy these wines over the long, hot summer.  Don't be fooled into thinking you can only find good wine at high prices! 

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